Gone Fishing

gone_fishinAs all parents and educators know, learning takes place both inside and outside of the classroom. This summer my 8 and 9 year-old grandsons are learning all about fishing, and have been eagerly awaiting these days since they received their child-sized rods for Christmas. We’re fortunate to live in a small town with several fishing ponds stocked with bass, blue gills, sunfish, and carp where they can learn.

We reviewed the fishing rod packs and saw that there are “practice plugs,” which are small, fish-shaped pieces to fasten on the end of their lines to learn to cast. They are instructed to put the pole back, then bring it forward and release the brake. If the plug lands at their feet, they held it too long. If it drops behind them, they released it too soon. So far they are having a lot of fun practicing their technique.

Our next stop will be the bait store. I’ve been considering live versus artificial bait. I remember going out at night with a flashlight picking up night crawlers. But these days the “fake” worms look real to us and perhaps to the fish too. Our park district will let us know what lures are best, if there are preferences.

While the boys do not need licenses, grandpa does. When we take our field trip to the bait store, I’ll let you know what’s next. In the meantime, make time for some outdoors learning with your family this summer!

How about you? Do you use artificial or live bait? Which do you think works best?

John Kauffman

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