Critical Thinking and Creativity – STS’ Measure of Questioning Skills (MQS)

mqs_criticalFor educators seeking to encourage critical thinking as well as creativity in students, consider STS’ Measure of Questioning Skills (MQS). The easy-to-use assessment uses illustrations as prompts to elicit questions from students. Educators are also given research-based strategies in the guidebook to help incorporate questioning skills into the classroom curriculum. Users of STS’ Torrance® Tests of Creative Thinking may want to consider adding the MQS to their assessment regimen to expand student exposure to word-based creative thinking. Adopters of the Common Core State Standards may also find the MQS a useful tool for teaching students how to use questions to delve more deeply into every subject. Order online, or contact us for more information on the MQS, by email or call 1-800-642-6787.

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