Kindergarten & School Readiness

The latest editions of the Kindergarten Readiness Test and the School Readiness Test will benefit educators by:

  • providing as much information as possible about each student’s abilities
    showing how underlying competencies have developed
  • assessing a student’s Overall Readiness Score as related to a national percentile and stanine
  • tracking individual and group results by providing a Class Record Sheet and Class Summary Report (on paper or digitally)

Use the form below to let us know how we can provide more information about our readiness tests or other STS products.


One thought on “Kindergarten & School Readiness

  1. The Rev. Gigi Sharp, All Saints' Epsicopal School, Morristown, TN says:

    I would like information about the Preschool screening test, also would like to be able to preview that test and the Kindergarten and school readiness tests before I make the decision to purchase.

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