Quick Inventory of Competency (QUIC)

Level: Grades 2–12quicJ_wordpress

Subject: Mathematics
Communicative Arts

Testing Time:
35 minutes or less



The QUIC™ Test is designed for use at grades two through twelve to quickly establish or verify the functional level of proficiency in the core areas of mathematics or communicative arts. Simple administration and immediate results are often crucial for testing individuals or small groups of students for whom little information is available. The QUIC Tests can help check class performance and monitor student placement.

Each QUIC Test consists of blocks of items, with each block containing content that is uniquely representative of a specific grade level. The test content is proportionately balanced across the entire range ensuring that the examinee has the opportunity to demonstrate skills on a broad and evenly distributed range of content.

To help evaluate student performance, the QUIC provides a Performance Index, a Competency-Based Grade Equivalent (Q-GE), and a General Assessment of Performance (Q-GAP). Performance indices indicate the relative performance level attained on each grade-level specific item block, which in turn yield the Q-GE, representative of the grade level of competency possessed by the student. The Q-GAP is a descriptive measure that indicates performance on the test as a whole both in comparison to other students at the same grade-level and competency-level.

QUIC Online is available for Communicative Arts and Mathematics. Standard scoring services include an Alphabetical List Report, a Group Summary Report, and an Individual Student Report. Results are generated within 15 minutes of submission.

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